Syncing Cygwin and GNU Sources

Mark Schoenberg
Mon Jun 26 04:21:00 GMT 2000

Gilles-Claude wrote

>  I wonder if you could indicate to me some tips on the .exe issues (I
>  suppose), which make some tests fail when I tried to build fileutils-4.0.

     I believe I have solved the problem to which you refer.  Please check out
my website at and see my Cygwin port of fileutils-4.0.  There
is a patchfile which enables 4.0 to build and a README.emmes file which talks
about the issues and explains how to implement my port.

     The problem in short is that the Makefile has things like "install mv
dest".  When "mv" doesn't exist, only "mv.exe" does, you get an error message
of the type you describe ("mv and dest are the same file").

     I hope this is helpful.  My port was compiled using Cygwin 1.1.2.  Earlier
versions worked sucessfully with Cygwin versions as early as B20.1.  I am not
sure, however, that the current port (which works fine applied to LF-terminated
files) will work if applied to original files having CRLF as the line

               Mark Schoenberg
               Emmes Technologies

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