shell back quote expansion problem

Earnie Boyd
Sun Jun 25 18:11:00 GMT 2000

--- "Tarr, Stephen F" <> wrote:
> I first found this problem with B20, and it still exists in the latest (June
> 23) binaries
> from  It affects both bash and tcsh, and probably
> other
> shells as well.  It appears when running on both 95 and NT 4.
> If I use back-quote expansion on a command from the cygwin package,
> everything
> works fine.  If I use back-quote expansion on a native Win32 command-line
> program
> (that prints CR-LF at the end of each line of stdout), the shell expansion
> fails. 
> Is there some simple workaround or environment setting that I'm missing, or
> is this a real bug?

Ummm... I would say it's a Win32 feature.  However, have you tried `SET
CYGWIN=nobinmode notty'.  This should set all non-disk operations to text mode
processing which will strip the \r for you.


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