Tim Prince
Fri Jun 23 06:49:00 GMT 2000

Digressing from the answer (not a W9x supported facility):

Dmitry's name is appearing correctly here in Cyrillic characters inside
the Read and Reply boxes in OE, but not in the message list outside
these boxes.  This is not affected by switching keyboard.  Another
indication that W2K itself has only partially implemented character set

Tim Prince
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Subject: Question

>   I use system WINDOWS'95.  I have established CygWin on my computer.
> And I have met with such problem: at attempt of entering such commands
> as mkpasswd or mkgroup they generates such message on an error:
> "The file MKGROUP.EXE is connected to an absent component:
NETAPI32.DLL: NetApiBufferFree."
>   In "Cygwin User's Guide" is written, that the files "/etc/passwd"
> "/etc/group" should be created independently. But them formats consist
of what?
> May you helps me?
>                             Yours faithfully,
>                                                 Dmitry Pan'kov.
> P.S.: my mail is
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