gdb and threads

Arlen Barr
Fri Jun 23 06:48:00 GMT 2000

thanks for the info chris ...

another problem I'm having with gdb is that the "variable balloons" only
show up about half the time.  I can see why it might have problems with c++
classes, but sometimes variables of type 'int' won't even come up (either
intialized or uninitialized)


(I am using gdb 5.0)

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> On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 04:59:52PM -0400, Arlen Barr wrote:
> >Are threads fully supported with the cygwin gdb?
> Yes.  Thread 1 is normally the main thread.  Thread 2 is normally the
> signal handling thread and is maintained by gdb.  Thread 3 can be a
> thread for handling processes if any have been forked or execed.
> I use gdb to debug what's going on in thread 2 all of the time.
> Other threads pop up when there is a Windows signal or exception.
> This is standard Windows behavior.
> Btw, if you are not already doing so, you should be running the
> newest cygwin version of gdb.
> >I'm stepping through code, and although gdb reports only one thread
> >(well it lists two, but the first one does not refer to any source
> >file), execution suddenly jumps to a point in libstdc++ (version
> >2.10.0) without any apparent reason (and then procedes to 
> segmentation
> >fault).  The code crashes at seemly random places (in my 
> code) leading
> >me to believe that a cygwin library has spawned a thread which is
> >crashing.
> If cygwin was spawning a random thread it would be dying somewhere in
> the cygwin DLL, not in your code.
> I don't have any further insight into what is going on here.  Offhand
> it sounds like stack corruption.
> cgf
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