Earnie Boyd
Fri Jun 23 05:36:00 GMT 2000

mkpasswd --help

should give a clue.

--- Äìèòðèé_Ïàíüêîâ <> wrote:
>   I use system WINDOWS'95.  I have established CygWin on my computer.
> And I have met with such problem: at attempt of entering such commands 
> as mkpasswd or mkgroup they generates such message on an error: 
> "The file MKGROUP.EXE is connected to an absent component: NETAPI32.DLL:
> NetApiBufferFree."
>   In "Cygwin User's Guide" is written, that the files "/etc/passwd" and 
> "/etc/group" should be created independently. But them formats consist of
> what?

~> mkpasswd --help

usage: mkpasswd [options] [domain]

This program prints a /etc/passwd file to stdout

Options are
   -l,--local              print local accounts
   -d,--domain             print domain accounts (from current domain
                           if no domain specified
   -g,--local-groups       print local group information too
   -m,--no-mount           don't use mount points for home dir
   -s,--no-sids            don't print SIDs in GCOS field
                           (this affects ntsec)
   -?,--help               displays this message

This program does only work on Windows NT



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