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David Bolen db3l@fitlinxx.com
Tue Jun 20 14:51:00 GMT 2000

Scott Davis [SDavis@manh.com] writes:

> 2) The filesystem root was C:\ instead of C:\CYGWIN.
> All it took was a couple of point and clicks in Explorer to solve minor
> difficulty #1 but I cannot solve #2.
> If you log in as any user other than Administrator, the file system root
> not redirected, hence I get a "cannot locate /tmp" error amongst other
> things.

The default installation creates the mount points in the user hive (HKCU),
so they aren't available to other users.  When starting without any mount
information, I believe Cygwin will default to / == C:\.  You can either just
create the same mount points for the new user (mount also defaults to HKCU),
or alternatively, move the mount points to the system hive (HKLM) by using
the "-s" option, at which point they will be available to all users.

If you do move to system, you should probably also delete the initial
installed mount information from the Administrator user, since user mount
points override system mount points and might lead to confusion in the

-- David

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