possible ld bug - Resources

Sat Jun 17 08:42:00 GMT 2000

I am using gcc-2.95.2, mingw32.  I have made a little testcase to illustrate 
my problem.  The source file refers to two dialog boxes, in two seperate .rc 
files.  When the .rc and .cpp files are compiled, and then linked, only one 
of the dialog boxes will show up.  The one that shows up is the one from the 
.rc file first in the linking list.  This is probably not explained to well, 
but if you look at the example, WM_CREATE calls DialogBox for BOTH dialogs in 
resbug.cpp. Running doit1.bat produces an executable that displays dialog1, 
while doit2.bat one that displays dialog2.

I have had similar problems with the bitmap of a toolbar and two resource 

Is it normal behaivior to only have one resource object linked properly?  If 
so, that is rather odd.  Why can you link only one resource obj but many .cpp 

Thank you for your time,
Jason Craig
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