[PATCH] Caching in path.cc's chdir

Bradley A. Town townba@pobox.com
Fri Jun 16 07:13:00 GMT 2000

> I appreciate your taking the time to track down where the problem
> lies but reverting the code to the old behavior is not the way
> I'd like to fix this problem.  But you probably know that.

I was getting kicked out of my building because it was the end of
the day.  I figured I'd fire off a message with what I had found
thus far, and I didn't want to just complain.  :)

> I've already made some changes to this code today and have added
> an else block to the test.  The new code is in CVS now if you
> want to check it.

Well, shucks.  The problem's gone.  Good deal.

By the way, the syscall_printf line at the end of chdir's imple-
mentation prints the cwd rather than the attempted dir, but it
*looks* like it's the attempted dir.  Maybe it should use dir and
native_dir instead of cwd_posix and cwd_win32?

--- cut here ---
  syscall_printf ("%d = chdir (%s <dos %s>)", res, cwd_posix, cwd_win32);
--- cut here ---

Brad Town  :)

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