all commands start up sloooooow......

Bill Karh Bill.Karh@Software.COM
Fri Jun 16 00:24:00 GMT 2000

Hey Frank,

I think I have the same post cygwin1.1.2 upgrade problem.

I've noticed that the traffic LEDs on the hub I use flicker when
cygwin starts to slow down.  Is it possible that cygwin is trying to
perform some kind of windows networking?  Heavens, could windows be
looking for a domain controller?  I think the next command is quick
because windows may cache the result of the domain controller lookup
for a little while.

I've tried to look for mounts or environment variables containing
'\\'.  The only one found was an env var named LOGONSERVER, and I
don't think UNIX would use that...

CYGWIN_NT-4.0 KARH 1.1.2(0.21/3/2) 2000-06-06 22:20 i686 unknown


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fm> To: cygwin at sourceware dot cygnus dot com 
fm> Subject: all commands start up sloooooow...... 
fm> From: Frank Merenda <FMerenda at vetexchange dot com> 
fm> Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 18:50:38 -0400 
fm> there's loads more here, and I can't wait to use it all. but EVERY
fm> tool that I start up starts extremely slowly. There's delays in
fm> every command. I also notived that when I do a "ls" on a directory
fm> with a lot of files there's a large delay, but the second time I
fm> do a "ls" the files list quickly.
fm> Thanks, Frank Merenda | Senior Software Engineer VetExchange |


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