Latest gcc/cygwin - bug in %e format specifier?

Shiv Kumar
Thu Jun 15 21:40:00 GMT 2000

Seems to work fine for me ..

     [/tmp:$] gcc testit.c -o testit
     [/tmp:$] ls *exe
     [/tmp:$] testit
     tt = 0.000000e+00
     uu = 1.000000e+00
     [/tmp:$] gcc --version


Richard Stanton wrote:

> The latest net release of gcc seems to have a slight bug in the %e print
> format specifier. It prints garbage when you try to print a variable whose
> value is zero.
> For example, attached is a (very) short program that does nothing but print
> two variables, with values 0 and 1 respectively. I'd show the output, but it
> contains several null characters which don't seem to cut/paste very well.
> The basic result is that the 1 variable works fine. The zero variable prints
> stuff it shouldn't.
> To test, just run
> "gcc testit.c -o testit"
> Then run testit. Optimizations don't seem to matter.
> Richard Stanton
>   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                Name: testit.c
>    testit.c    Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>            Encoding: 7bit
>   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
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