Where can I get Cygwin 20.1b?

Carl Thompson cet@carlthompson.net
Thu Jun 15 17:17:00 GMT 2000

Michael Nelson wrote:
> With VC, if it isn't in a .DEF file or dllexport'd, it isn't
> accessible via GPA().
> I just double checked all of this, and it seems GCC is a bit more
> tricky. If you have 0 symbols marked with dllexport all public symbols
> get exported. If you have >0 symbols marked with dllexport, only they
> get exported.
> I think this is where the mixup is.
> What I miss on UNIX is the latter feature, the ability it to only
> export exactly these symbols.

OK, I will grudgingly concede that Windows might be better in that one
little respect, then... ;-)

> -mike

Carl Thompson

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