gdb newbie: gdb - still broken ?

Charles S. Wilson
Thu Jun 15 08:54:00 GMT 2000

gdbm has nothing to do with gdb. 

gdb = 'GNU DeBugger' ?
gdbm = 'GNU DataBase Manager' ?

So, no, installing gdbm from CygUtils will not interfere with gdb. <g>

--Chuck (CygUtils maintainer) wrote:
> Hi,
> scanning the latest discussions on the list regarding the gdb I had the impression that all problems using the windowed interfaced were fixed. Using the latest gdb from 6/10/2000 (and latest tcltk with that date) I still have problems using the source windows. Currently the debugger will no longer lock searching for the source files, but it is also uncapable of locating/loading the correct source files.
> I currently try to debug the that is located on my machine at /src/cygwin1-2-2/winsup/utils. I've successfully build the executable and start the gdb with cygpath as argument. The debugger starts and is ready to run the application. After run it waits at an assembler call where I step in - unfortunately the debugger will now load an uncorresponding source and after the next step it is again in the assembler view and seems to be somehow disoriented ...
> I also tried to load the source file via the menu, but all I got was an error box telling me that it could not find the selected file (the error message presented me the full - but correct - Windows file name).
> Am I missing something? Should I have been using any argument running ./configure or make? Any possible missing gdb configuration? Or is it really still broken? Will a previous installation of gdbm from the CygUtils have any impact on the normal plain Cygwin gdb version provided by Cygwin?
> BTW: Is there any way to tell the debugger what arguments to use for the debugged application?
> Greetings,
> Jörg
> BTW: All mounts are binary ...
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