Problem compiling perl module Term::ReadKey under cygwin

Charles S. Wilson
Thu Jun 15 08:51:00 GMT 2000

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> --- "Charles S. Wilson" <> wrote:
> -8<-
> >
> >
> > I tracked down the problem: the choose_temp_base() routine in libiberty
> > (which is linked by dllwrap.exe) defines '\\' as the path separator on
> > all _WIN32 platforms. This routine checks the environment variable
> > $TMPDIR, $TMP, and $TEMP, followed by {DIRSEP}tmp, and
> > {DIRSEP}usr{DIRSEP}tmp. So, in my case $TEMP=/tmp. Then, the routine
> > adds {DIRSEP}ccXXXXXX where 'X' is a digit.
> >
> The code I'm looking at, which I updated from CVS yesterday uses a '/' for
> DIR_SEPARATOR if __CYGWIN__ is defined.  The macro DIRSEP doesn't exist.  Thbe
> relavent code is:

Yep. I was looking at the cygwin gcc-2.95.2-1-src.tar.gz source code,
which was used to build the version of gcc everyone (until last night)
was using. However, even that version doesn't use 'DIRSEP' -- it uses
'DIR_SEPARATOR' but I didn't feel like typing that four or five times in
my message. Sorry if that caused confusion.

> > Therefore, '/tmp\ccXXXXXX'.
> >
> > To whom should a patch for libiberty be sent?
> >
> I don't think one is needed.

You are correct. And I am relieved. :-)


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