OpenSSH and RSA authentication problem

Alexander Vorobiev
Wed Jun 14 14:56:00 GMT 2000

You are right! Thanks

Corinna Vinschen <>    writes:

>  Note that the below output is exactly(!) the same if
>  your authorized_keys file doesn't exist.

There was a misspelling in the file name. I corrected it but sshd
still doesn't work, it outputs the following

debug: Attempting authentication for administrator.
debug: seteuid 500: Not owner
RSA authentication refused for administrator: bad ownership or modes for '/cygdr
debug: seteuid 500: Not owner
Failed rsa for administrator from port 2668
Connection closed by

Well, NOW it definitely looks like a permission problem. Changing
permissions to 600 didnt help, so I decided to start from scratch and
regenerate passwd and groups files. But using mkpasswd I cant get
correct passwd record for me. Unfortunately I know little about NT
security scheme so the following is what i have now:

(I changed my real login name)
I login to the lan (NT domain and Netware tree) and my machine using
NWClient login dialog using "avorobiev" as user name. 

So _without_ passwd and groups files:

avorobiev$ id
uid=500(avorobiev) gid=544(Administrators) groups=544(Administrators)

neither mkpasswd -l nor mkpasswd -d DOMAIN generate user record with
uid=500 and gid=544 (or with username avorobiev)

mkpasswd -l gives me (among others)
mkpasswd -d DOMAIN doesn't generate a record with uid=500 at all

mkgroup -l gives me (among others)

mkgroup -d doesn't generate group records with gid either 513 or 544
(it generates many others though)

So i'm a little confused - how can i get correct sid for my uid/gid
combination? What's a proper way of getting correct passwd and groups


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