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David Starks-Browning
Wed Jun 14 14:54:00 GMT 2000

Greetings Cygwin users,

The Cygwin FAQ is located at < >.
Although it is not completely up-to-date with the latest net release,
several *important* sections are, such as:

Installation Instructions:
  - Contents
  - Installation using the setup.exe program:
      - Internet installation with setup.exe
      - Directory installation with setup.exe
      - Adding or updating packages
      - Problems running setup.exe:
          - Error message: "Unable to retrieve the list of cygwin mirrors..."
          - System hangs when unpacking tar archives

Question and Answers:
  - Where can I get more information?:
      - Where's the documentation? 
      - What Cygwin mailing lists can I join? 
      - Why won't you/the mailing list answer my questions? 
        (Should be called "List posting guidelines")
  - Using Cygwin:
      - How should I set my PATH? 
      - How do I convert between Windows and UNIX paths? 
      - Why doesn't bash read my .bashrc file on startup? 
      - How can I get bash filename completion to be case insensitive? 
      - Can I use paths/filenames containing spaces in them?
      - Why can't I cd into a shortcut to a directory? 
      - I'm having basic problems with find. Why? 
      - How can I access other drives? 
      - How can I copy and paste into Cygwin console windows? 
      - info error "dir: No such file or directory" 
  - Programming Questions:
      - Why are compiled executables so huge?!? 
      - How do I rebuild the tools on my NT box?

I'll continue to update the rest of the FAQ as best I can.  So please
do check the FAQ before posting, as more and more questions will be
answered there in the coming weeks.

If you feel that something should be added to the FAQ, please make it
known to the list, so it can be considered for inclusion.

However, I should warn you that I will be travelling occasionally
during the next two months, so a week or two may go by before I can
respond personally, or add/update an entry in the FAQ.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

  David Starks-Browning                  |
  EMBL Outstation --                     |
  The European Bioinformatics Institute  |
  Wellcome Trust Genome Campus           | tel: +44 (1223) 494 616
  Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD, UK       | fax: +44 (1223) 494 468

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