openssh and inetd woes...

Stefan Norberg
Tue Jun 13 17:14:00 GMT 2000

> > I'm trying to set up a *minimal* remote admin kit for NT
> > using Corinna Vinschen's excellent ports of inetd and openssh. This
means I'm not
> > using the full Cygwin environment.
> >
> > * When I'm running SSHD as a stand-alone server I can't scp to the
system -
> > "connecion lost". SCP works fine if I'm running from inetd or if I'm
running "sshd -d".
> Sorry but I can't reproduce that behaviour. I'm using sshd
> as stand-alone service which runs with my own user account.

I nailed it down to bash. It works if I use "sh" as the shell. Why?
Corinna - are you researching the inetd Win32 stuff or is it in /dev/null?

The next step is to get openssh built with TCP Wrappers support...


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