Is -mno-cygwin support being removed????

DJ Delorie
Tue Jun 13 08:42:00 GMT 2000

>     NO ONE USES OR CARES about the -mno-cygwin option

Sorry, this is just plain wrong.  I use that option, and obviously you
care about it.  I'm sure there are other examples.

> If the cygwin version of gcc is going to support -mno-cygwin,
> then the fact that it doesn't work at all in the latest release
> should be a MAJOR issue.

If it were a major issue, lots of people would be working on it
because it would effect lots of people.  Since they aren't, I can only
assume that it's only a minor issue, or at least an issue with only
minor impact.  Or perhaps they *are* working on it, but haven't taken
the time to tell you their status.

> Does the fact that cygwin is now Red Hat mean that
> support for non-cygwin apps is now going to go away?

Cygwin is not Red Hat.  *Cygnus* is now Red Hat.  Don't confuse the
two.  Support for non-cygwin apps has *always* been managed by people
*outside* of Cygnus, and will continue to be that way.  Why don't
*you* fix the problem?

> Cygwin folks - be honest with us. Let us know if you are dropping
> -mno-cygwin support so we can move on and support the real MinGW
> project and quit wasting our time on the cygwin release.

We're not dropping it.  We're just too busy to deal with it.  Anyone
else is just as able to support it as we are, so don't blame us if it
doesn't work.  Blame yourself for not taking the initiative.

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