Pipe dies during backup to remote Sun QUIC streamer

Uli Lange Ulrich.Lange@infineon.com
Tue Jun 13 07:08:00 GMT 2000

Op-system: 20.1 under NT4.0 service pack5
Backup client: SUN with QUIC streamer
Problem: Doing a tar from the NT box to a remote SUN QUIC streamer dies.

Used command: tar --rsh-command=/winnt/system32/rsh.exe -cvb 20 . | rsh
beach dd of=/dev/rst0 obs=20b
Description: Several files are backed up and then the pipe dies
unexpectedly with "fork [Try again]"
Reading the tape on the SUN with tar -tv shows exactly these files plus
"Unexpected EOF"
Every comment is appreciated

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