Need help. Updated cygwin-20000610.tar.gz available for testing

Chris Faylor
Sat Jun 10 21:13:00 GMT 2000

I'm not going to embarrass myself by announcing a new version of gdb one
more time so I'd like everybody to help me by checking out what I hope
will be the next version here:

You can install this using setup.exe by copying this, and setup.exe to
an empty directory and:

setup gdb

specifying 'd' for "Install from current directory".

I've also uploaded a tcltk-20000610.tar.gz file to the same location but
it just contains a subset of the gdb-20000610.tar.gz.  All of the files
in the tcltk tar file are exactly the same as the ones in gdb.

Please report successes or failures to the

Thanks, and apologies for the past two screwups.


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