Updated: gdb 20000608

Richard Stanton stanton@Haas.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jun 9 11:01:00 GMT 2000

There seem to be some problems with the updated gdb.

First, McAfee Virusscan complains the archive has a virus inside, but
doesn't give me any virus name. I switched off the virus checker, and
installation proceeded OK.

Prior to the update, typing

"gdb progname"

would fire up gdb in GUI mode. Now, I get back a command prompt without ever
seeing anything happen at all.

Within EMACS, gdb starts up OK, and kind of works, but I can't see the
source file. For example, with my source file c:\projects\sbir\simls.c, I
asked to run gdb on the executable simls.exe. Emacs opens a window showing
the (empty) NEW file c:/cygdrive/c/projects/sbir/simls.c.

Any thoughts?

Richard Stanton

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> Subject: Updated: gdb 20000608
> I've uploaded a new version of gdb to sourceware/pub/cygwin/latest.
> This version of gdb should be able to properly find file even if the
> files are referenced via the cygwin mount table.
> I've also made a couple of other modifications.  gdb no longer
> displays the DLLs that are loaded as they are loaded.  Instead,
> you can get a list of DLLs via the "info shared" command.
> I also added a "dll-symbols" command for loading the symbols of a DLL
> file.
> To update your installation, CREATE AN EMPTY DIRECTORY, cd to it, and
> download the latest version of setup.exe from the cygwin/latest
> directory at a cygwin mirror site near you.  Then type:
> setup gdb
> Answer the questions as you did when you first installed cygwin.  This
> procedure should only update the gdb package.
> Once the setup is complete you may remove this newly created directory.
> It will contain the setup.exe program, a setup log file, and the
> gdb tar file.  None of these are needed for further operation of gdb
> but you can keep them around if you are interested in reinstalling
> everything later.
> As usual, I have only updated sourceware.  The gdb files will take a
> while to propagate to the mirror sites.
> Christopher Faylor
> Cygwin Engineering Manager
> Red Hat, Inc.

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