Running $(shell pwd) in makefile.

Stephen Iribarne
Fri Jun 9 09:37:00 GMT 2000

Title: Running $(shell pwd) in makefile.

I have the latest cygwin.  I have a Makefile that I've brought over from my unix platform to build a product under NT.

I have a very basic 

PWD := $(shell pwd)


My path is:


and when I do:

mkdir $(TOP_DIR)\Obj-myProj-app

I get the error message:

mkdir:  cannot make directory:  'Z:workmyProjbuild\Obj-myProg-app

So ($shell pwd) is not adding slashes.  Does this mean that my "shell" is unknown?

thanks in advance.


Steve Iribarne                          
Sr. Software Engineer                           
Tut Systems, Inc.

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