cygwin make and Windows 2000?

Earnie Boyd
Thu Jun 8 07:53:00 GMT 2000

--- "John E. Young" <> wrote:
> Folks,
>     Is anyone succesfully using make under Windows 2000?
> I installed cygwin 1.1 yesterday on my windows machine.
> Most things see to work pretty well, but then I tried 
> building GNU Hello (I figured that I would try something
> simple before trying to port the real code I need to move)
> The configure script seems to have worked properly, but
> when I type 'make', I get the error:
> Makefile:55: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop

It might help to know what's before, on and after line 55 of Makefile.  The
output of `cygcheck -v -s -r' pasted in a mail would be useful.

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