cygwin-net: viruses in .tar.gz files??

Mike Little
Thu Jun 8 04:18:00 GMT 2000

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> >I downloaded setup.exe for the latest cygwin release from
> >  I run it and select a US mirror.  I 
> tried both
> > and
> >
> >When it downloads the gcc tarball my VirusScanner detects a virus in
> >it.  I'm running McAffee 4.5.0 (virus definition 4.0.4080).  It
> >doesn't name the virus, and can't clean it.  To be safe I just quit
> >setup.
> >
> >Has anyone else seen this?
> Turn off scanning of compressed files McAffee seems to get a 
> bit upset when
> fed a .tar.gz file - It crashes on my machine but subsequent 
> scanning of the
> install shows all is clear.
> -Coley.

This has been my experience too, as I replied to someone yesterday, the only
I could initially install was by disabling the virus scanner.

Mine is version 4.0.3a, (virus definition 4.0.4081, scan engine 4.0.02).
Of course scanning setup.exe before running it, and scanning everything
showed no problems.

It does seem to point to the handling of .tar.gz files.
As a further clue, I have installed several updates since the first time, 
none of which required me to turn off the scanner, but none of which were
over the internet. That is I have always, d/loaded the tarball first. 

It may be the virus scanner is trying to read ahead in the tarballs before
have finished d/loading, and that is what gives it problems.

Hope this helps,

Mike Little
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