mount's --change-cygdrive-prefix option (was Re: text / binary mounts (sorry))

Jason Tishler
Wed Jun 7 07:37:00 GMT 2000

I few spec level issues before I continue...

There is currently no way to remove the user or system path prefix
(except via the registry).  Hence, once the user path prefix is set,
the system path prefix can never have any effect (unless one hacks the
registry).  How should this missing functionality be realized?

1. Add a "--remove-cygdrive-prefix" to mount.
2. Add a "--remove-cygdrive-prefix" to umount.
3. Enhance mount's "--change-cygdrive-prefix" to accept a missing
   posixpath that indicates the appropriate path prefix should be

Additionally, there is currently no way to display the current value
for the user and system path prefixes (except via the registry).
Should this functionality be added to the mount display?


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