Modified g++.exe

Carl Thompson
Tue Jun 6 11:37:00 GMT 2000

"Parker, Ron" wrote:
> Here is the modified g++.
>  <<g++.exe.gz>>

Thank you.  I patched the compiler source with the patch you supplied, but
couldn't get anything to compile (make barfed at the format of the
Makefile).  It doesn't look like a problem introduced by the patch. Is there
a special build environment needed to build the compiler from sources?  I
was using the stock enviroment I downloaded.

For now, I have moved back to using b20.1 but I will see if this modified
g++ fixes things for me.  What happens if I need to use the match library in
my programs, though?  (I do, for some).  Ideally, I would prefer if the
compilation of our toolkit (FLTK) worked "out of the box" on Cygwin.  Right
now I have to point users to my very heavily modified version of b20.1.  You
can check it out if you want at

There are only three issues that need to be resolved for this.  First is the
Insight debbuger problem which sounds like it will be fixed soon in the main
Cygwin distribution.  The second of course is the ability to compile with
"g++ -mno-cygwin" which is crucial.  Without this the "configure" script and
makefiles would have to be completely hacked up which I'd like to avoid (I
don't even know whether it would be possible to fix the "configure" script
because of the way it is generated automatically by autoconf).  The third is
possibly getting the Cygwin team to add the OpenGL headers to the
distribution.  Is this possible?

If you'd like to see what it is I'm try to compile "out of the box" on
Cygwin, you can grab it from

It compiles fine on my modified version of cygwin with just "./configure"
then "make" and even "make install" (sort of).  On the current version of
Cygwin, it dies in the "configure" script.  (Standard disclaimer here about
pre-alpha software.)

By the way, I am on the Cygwin list now so if you send messages there I will
read them.  Feel free to resend this message to others if you feel they may
be able to help me solve these issues.

Thank you,
Carl Thompson

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