<defunct> processes under Win9x...

Ken Coleman kcoleman@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 5 13:27:00 GMT 2000

I understand that this is difficult to debug from an
strace log.  I was just hoping that the new
information would spark some "a-ha!" in you that would
make the fix easy :).  I'll be working on it more
tonight, but for now I have a little more information.

I'm attempting to attach to the process, and all I get
is "Can't attach to process.".  I've attempted to run
"gdb filename process-id", and done it within GDB with
the appropriate commands.

One other minor piece of the puzzle - Cygwin refuses
to kill the <defunct> process ID.  When I attempt
this, it says:

 1000  -1  13:22:30
 1001   0  13:22:31 /usr/bin/BASH.EXE
 1011   0  13:22:58 /USR/LOCAL/APACHE/BIN/HTTPD.EXE
 1013   0  13:23:04 <defunct>
 1014   0  13:23:06 /usr/bin/PS.EXE
/usr/local/apache/bin $ kill -9 1013
bash: kill: (1013) - No such pid
/usr/local/apache/bin $ 

I have also tried attaching to other processes, and it
gives me the same error.

Any thoughts?
- Ken.


I'm sorry this is really to difficult to debug from an
strace log.

The symptom of wait_subproc looping is not abnormal. 
It's what happens when a program has started a sub
process.  The wait_subproc thread disappears when the
program exits.  That's the only time it goes away.

You are going to have to do quite a bit more
debugging, unfortunately. If you have an actual
process that is not going away then you should
be able to attach to it with gdb.


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