gdb and cywin

Scott A. Hill
Mon Jun 5 09:23:00 GMT 2000

    I downloaded the updated version that you mentioned in your message.
After a quick test, it appears to have solved my problem with the "insight"
interface.  I thought Earnie and I were having the same problem, so I'm
surprised to hear that he is still having a problem.  Thanks for the update.


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Date: Monday, June 05, 2000 11:49 AM
Subject: Re: gdb and cywin

>On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 05:45:58AM -0700, Tim Prince wrote:
>>This should go to the cygwin mail list, to which you may wish to
>>subscribe.  You will wish to check which version of cygwin you have
>>installed; recent versions have an excellent gdb.
>Actually, recent versions + cygwin 1.1.1 have problems reading file
>names if you're using the "insight" interface.
>I put up a new version of gdb over the weekend.  This just replaces two
>files which seem to fix this problem for me.  Earnie Boyd still seems
>to have problems though.
>I've included the announcement, that I sent to cygwin-apps, below.
>>I've uploaded a new version of gdb + cygtcl80.dll to my private ftp
>>directory.  This version of gdb should be able to properly find
>>file even if the files are referenced via the cygwin mount table.
>>I've also made a couple of other modifications.  gdb no longer
>>displays the DLLs that are loaded as they are loaded.  Instead,
>>you can get a list of DLLs via the "info shared" command.
>>Eventually, I'll probably add the standard capability of breaking
>>on the loading of a dll, too.
>>I also added a "dll-symbols" command for loading the symbols of a DLL
>>I would appreciate it if people could give this a try before I make a
>>new release for cygwin/latest.  The URL is:
>>You should be in your "root directory" when you extract this file.  You
>>probably want to make a backup of your current version of gdb prior to
>>doing this.
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