gdb and cywin

Chris Faylor
Mon Jun 5 08:47:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 05:45:58AM -0700, Tim Prince wrote:
>This should go to the cygwin mail list, to which you may wish to
>subscribe.  You will wish to check which version of cygwin you have
>installed; recent versions have an excellent gdb.

Actually, recent versions + cygwin 1.1.1 have problems reading file
names if you're using the "insight" interface.

I put up a new version of gdb over the weekend.  This just replaces two
files which seem to fix this problem for me.  Earnie Boyd still seems
to have problems though.

I've included the announcement, that I sent to cygwin-apps, below.


>I've uploaded a new version of gdb + cygtcl80.dll to my private ftp
>directory.  This version of gdb should be able to properly find
>file even if the files are referenced via the cygwin mount table.
>I've also made a couple of other modifications.  gdb no longer
>displays the DLLs that are loaded as they are loaded.  Instead,
>you can get a list of DLLs via the "info shared" command.
>Eventually, I'll probably add the standard capability of breaking
>on the loading of a dll, too.
>I also added a "dll-symbols" command for loading the symbols of a DLL
>I would appreciate it if people could give this a try before I make a
>new release for cygwin/latest.  The URL is:
>You should be in your "root directory" when you extract this file.  You
>probably want to make a backup of your current version of gdb prior to
>doing this.

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