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Matthew Lowther m.lowther@standard-platforms.co.uk
Fri Jun 2 01:01:00 GMT 2000

	I use cygwin (snapshot 05252000) , mainly to access cvs and make, so
I can build the same source on NT and unix.

When I check things out in CVS I don't want lots of Dos Line Feeds being
This is OK, so long as I mount the relevant drive as a binary mount.

BUT is there anything I can setup to make all drives act as binary mounts
The problem is that if a drive isn't mounted at all, then I get dos line
feeds at the end of each line.  So people not accustomed to using bash use
cvs and unknowingly add dos line feeds to all the source files, this gets
repeated .... and we end up with lots and lots of horrible dos line feed
characters in all the source.

Thanks in advance for any help I may get, I'm scared to send this message
because I know there's been alot of mail about CR/LF issues, but I'm
desperatley hoping I can stop these ^M's infiltrating our source code.


P.S. Problem description.

If I run bash and say change to the t drive
cd t:/
echo "bob" >fred
vi fred
ie. with a dos line feed thing.

If I do mount -b t: /t
and do the above, it produces
ie. no dos line feed.

But can I make echo "bob" > fred produce a file fred with no dos line feed
without having to make sure I've done the mount?

Attached is the cygcheck thing
. <<cygcheck.out>> 

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