Cygwin install problem

Paul Brebner
Thu Jun 1 19:12:00 GMT 2000


I have been using cygwin on NT 4 on an older machine for some time, but
had to get a replacement machine.  However, this time I don't seem to be
able to get
cygwin to install at all.  All I really need is bash.

1 	First problem was trying to use the standard NT unzip program on the
cygwin gz file.
	It hung and I had to reboot the machine (even killing it from task
manager didnt' work!)
2	Then tried using the setup.exe program.  This also seemed to get
3	Currently if I try just doing setup cygwin it says that the newest
verison is installed
	and doesn't proceed - can I force it to?
4	Tried using the files, but it again hung trying to untar
one of the dll files!

What could be the problem please?

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