New sed in latest

Chris Faylor
Thu Jun 1 14:02:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 10:52:17PM +0200, wrote:
>>Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>I have uploaded a new version of sed to pub/cygwin/latest/sed
>>on <snip>
>>The new feature of that version is that it reads all files always in
>>text mode so that files are correctly read when they have dos file
>>endings in binary mounted directories as well.
>Thanks for the effort Corinna.  Although I understand the reason isn't
>this pushing it too far?  When working on a binary mounted system I
>would expect sed to work exactly as on Unix.  Although perhaps rare,
>aren't there legitimate reasons to want to keep a \r at the end of a
>line?  Sed is often used in fairly complicated fashions that may now be
>broken.  Also, does your change apply to piped stdin?  I would withdraw
>this comment if there was anything in the sed documentation to the
>effect that \r\n is equivalent to \n.

Corinna did this at my request.  The bottom line is that this will solve
thousands of problems while possibly breaking a handful of uses.

If it becomes an issue we can always add a --binary option to sed.


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