NT security and cygwin

Tolkin, Steve Steve.Tolkin@fmr.com
Thu Jun 1 08:13:00 GMT 2000

What prompted this was discovering that I could not delete files from /temp
and also that rcs ci was failing (see next email).
The answer to this first problem was that I needed to chmod +w /temp first.

But I do not understand how cygwin interacts with NT security.

I found some discussion of NT security in the mail archives at
www.delorie.com/archives/browse.cgi specifically the item
"NT security and the ntsec usage"

Is this on the web anywhere?  Is it not available from 

It is only "Chapter 2. Setting up Cygwin".  But is the rest of the Cygwin
User;s guide avaiable somewhere?

Q0. The /temp directory was created a long time ago.  When I first looked
using ls -ld it had
permissions dr-xr-xr-x  Is this standard for directories created in DOS?
What other directories 
might not be writable, that I should change now?

Q1. In NT I am am member of a domain and my USERNAME is SY71046.
Why isn't that used in cygwin?
I ran mkpasswd -d and saw 900 users in my domain -- but not me!
Is this part of the problem?

Q2. Why does id report administrator with a lowercase a but passwd has one
with an upper case A?

504~> id
uid=500(administrator) gid=544(Administrators) groups=544(Administrators)

Q3. I'd rather than new files be created by my id than administartor.
How can I achieve that?
527/etc> touch foo
528/etc> ls -l foo
-rw-rw-rw-   1 administ Administ        0 Jun  1 11:05 foo

Here is my /etc/passwd, slightly sanitized
stolkin::1000:544:Steven Tolkin,S-1-5-21-...-1000::/bin/sh
VUSR_BOSA454958::1001:513:VSA Server Account,S-1-5-21-....-1001::/bin/sh

Note that I changed the group number for administrator, and for stolkin.
They were originally emited by mkpasswd -l as value 513, meaning none.

Here is my /etc/group:
Backup Operators:S-1-5-32-551:551:
Power Users:S-1-5-32-547:547:

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