make problem

Earnie Boyd
Thu Jun 1 06:39:00 GMT 2000

--- Stuart Yoder <> wrote:
> I've been using an installation of cygwin (cygwin20.1b) without
> problems.  make command is version 3.75.
> I recently downloaded the most recent cygwin binaries including
> make (version 3.77) and now make fails with any makefile
> containing carriage return and line feeds.  If I delete the carriage
> returns from the makefile it works fine.  
> Am I missing some kind of setup parameter?
> I've tried both unix and win32 for MAKE_MODE.

The problem is a buggy 1.1.1 version.  Go get the 20000525 snapshot and install
it.  Use the cygwin-inst tarball to update your libraries and include files.

BTW, the 0526 and 0527 snapshots have a different problem.


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