cygwin-inst-20000125 problems.

Brendan J Simon
Sun Jan 30 22:05:00 GMT 2000

I have just unpacked cygwin-inst-20000125.tar.gz and I can no longer get
a bash shell.  I get an empty terminal with no prompt and can not
execute any commands.  Key presses are not echoed to the terminal until
the enter key is pressed.  I have to manually kill the task by pressing
control-alt-delete, select bash and click on "end task".  Has anyone
else had a similar experience ?

I unpacked cygwin-inst-19991116 and my bash now works.  I unpacked
cygwin-inst-20000125 and again bash failed to work.  I copied just the
cygwin1.dll from the cygwin-inst-19991116 archive and bash now works.  I
assume there is a problem with the latest dll.

I guess I'll just report this to the list and hope the next snapshot
fixes it.

Brendan Simon.

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