Sat Jan 29 12:21:00 GMT 2000

I've been building gcc snapshots with the minimum of modifications, not 
wanting any special features, just to make the standard ones work.

I have used both an older patch of yours to handle 2 versions of 
LARGE_INTEGER (no anonymous union) and a simple hack where all the variables 
are long long int and are passed to the API functions with a cast 
(LARGE_INTEGER *)&variable, but it gets old having to patch every gcc 

BTW, I found that my g++ testsuite crashes on the Kayak at the office came 
from the use of an out of date binutils snapshot which actually was worse in 
that respect than standard cygwinB20.1 plus snapshot patches.  Both the 
binary from your site and newer egcs infrastructure sources work fine, and 
set up .p2align automatically, which the standard cygwin doesn't do with 
gcc-2.96, although it did with gcc-2.95.  The difference is mainly in the 
amount of useless 128-bit padding which gcc-2.96 does without .p2align.  The 
padding would be more useful if cygwin kept the stack aligned etc.


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