automake and autoconf

John Huddleston
Thu Jan 27 12:39:00 GMT 2000

Thanks Chris.  It's OK, I know how to build and install
them (done it enough!).  It's just that it would have been


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> On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 06:46:54PM -0700, John Huddleston wrote:
> >I just finished putting together another box from scratch
> >to support the Cygwin tools.  Two of the software packages 
> >that do not come with the standard (B20.1) distribution
> >are automake and autoconf.
> >
> >I there a possibility that these two could be included in
> >the next Build?  (i.e. B22 or Cygwin 1.0?)
> Sorry.  We have no plans on adding additional packages to the next net
> release except that we may include a "man" or "info" reader.
> cgf

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