bell after incomplete completion

Earnie Boyd
Mon Jan 24 13:32:00 GMT 2000

--- wrote:
> No, that isn't the right setting. Its an actual bell, (i.e. the sound you
> get when you hit C-g).
> I've been trying to get ~/.initrc to work using the preference 'set
> prefer-visible-bell On', but bash doesn't seem to use that file.
> The readline info is the correct stuff to be looking at right? Bash uses
> that for completion and keys?
> Anyone know of B20 problems or common luser errors related to this?

Readline is the correct place to be looking.  I don't remember if the visible
bell works but you can turn the bell off.  If you had searched the archives you
would have found that the ~/.initrc must be a UNIX format file.  I.E.: it must
contain \n line endings and not \r\n line endings.


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