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John Fortin
Sun Jan 16 10:08:00 GMT 2000

> You have used phrases like "getting a little tired of hearing this",
> made unsubstantiated assertions of million dollar apartments, and
> discounted the years of contributions to the free software community
> that Cygnus and Red Hat have made.
> So, I am considering this in *exactly* the light in which it was meant.

	It is sad that the cygwin contributors have to put up with stuff like
this.  It seems there are people who want everything given to them on a
silver platter, for free, and complain if it is not EXACTLY what they

	Personally, I think Cygnus, now Red Hat, has done a fabulous job with
Cygwin.  It meets a definite need
and is improving daily.

	All I can say is if you don't like what is available, don't use it and
buy a "Commercial" product. 
See if you get as responsive support as you do with this FREE product.

John Fortin

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