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Andre Oliveira da Costa
Wed Jan 12 05:19:00 GMT 2000

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> Is POSIX not just as valid as Win32 within Windows NT? In which case,
> if Windows tools barf at valid POSIX filenames (which are also valid
> under NTFS) then surely it is the tools which are broken.

Yes, I think you might say that, but it doesn't help much. Cygwin is just a
layer on top of M$-Windows, and if we were to completely ignore Windows
tools and stick only to cygwin envirnoment (shell and programs), than we'd
be better off running Linux (or other UNIX) directly. It doesn't help saying
"Windows is wrong, let's do it this way and wait until Microsoft fixes it",
because we know it might never happen. If this decision doesn't imply in too
much hassle then it's ok, let's do it (symbolic links could be used as an
example here -- they can be handled as ordinary files by Windows Explorer).
But, if it means Windows frequently used tools will not only barf, but
actually hang or abort, then I'd rather not do it.

... don't get me wrong, I wish Windows didn't give Cygwin guys so many
constraints to deal with, but... (actually, what I really wish is I could
forget Windows and use Linux at work! =) )

Just my two cents...



André Oliveira da Costa

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