20.1 with GCC 2.95.2 problem

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Thu Jan 6 09:16:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:

> I have this LGPL class library with an ODBC class library. I am in the
> process of porting it from IBM Visual Age to Cygwin32 with Mumit's GCC
> 2.95.2. For reasons unknown it crashes (it runs OK with VA) . It depends
> on the optimization where it crashes. 
> Can anyone help me with this? I want to know whether it is the compiler
> or me, and in either case a workaround ;-).
> I have a test case at http:/www.askesis.nl , follow the link bugs???. It
> is the smallest example I could make. Just unzip it in a directory and
> type make. Than watch it crash. 

This code needs thread-safe C++ runtime, and Cygwin gcc currently lacks
that. Even if you build a thread-safe cygwin, it may not work until the
C++ runtime library is built using pthreads. Unfortunately, the pthreads
implementation in Cygwin/winsup is not mature enough to build thread
safe C++ runtime yet, but that's something I'm going to work on soon.

It does work under Mingw when you -mthreads to compile and link (which
links in the thread-safe C++ runtime).


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