Blocking I/O with Cygwin v1.0
Tue Jan 4 11:51:00 GMT 2000

Dear Cygnus,

     A am running Cygwin v1.0 from the CD and have noticed that by
default I/O is non-blocked.  Shouldn't it be blocked by default,
and a call to fcntl() be required in order to set non-blocked mode?

     Example test program:

#include <stdio.h>

    char Ch;

    Ch = getc(stdin);
    while (Ch != 'q') {
        putc(Ch, stdout);
        Ch = getc(stdin);

     If I run this program and type in 12345678, on Cygwin B20.1
and on my Unix worstation I see the following on my screen:

     But if I try this with Cygwin v1.0 I get the following:

     Could this possibly be fixed by stty?  If not, are fcntl() calls working
with v1.0?

P.S. This problem causes "bc" and "dc" to not accept backspaces (v1.0).

                Many thanks,

                Jim Grishaw.

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