shell loses "stty echo" state

Ashok Vadekar
Fri Dec 29 09:03:00 GMT 2000

I installed 1.1.7 on a Win2000 (Professional) machine and have noticed the
following problem.  After running vi (vim) or less, the console is returned
in a state where shell input is not echoed back to the display.  If I reenter
vi, keyboard input is show (ie. typing ":q" shows ":q" on the bottom line).

Running stty before and after the problem occurs show that -echo has been
set.  However, stty fails when I try "stty echo" to undo the change.  Actually
it seems to fail for any input I try.

I would guess that the problem is in closing a curses session with the console,
since commands that only perform simple console IO do not cause the problem.

Presumably this is not a common problem, as it make the environment unusable.
Perhaps it is a Win 2000 specific problem?

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