where to find nslookup for Cygwin?

Corinna Vinschen cygwin@cygwin.com
Tue Dec 19 04:23:00 GMT 2000

On Tuesday 19 December 2000 12:45, Pablo Ruiz Garcia wrote:
> Linux is "suposed" our reference model, but Cygwin is not unix,
> not linux and also not Windows, its cygwin..
> Actually there is some similar to a "distro", this is what
> cygwin setup installs, and all the installed files are listed on
> /etc/setup/*. RPM is good enought to make *contribution* packages,
> probable better than tar+gz, and tar+bz2, but by now RPM
> is not part of the official-cygwin-release/distro
> it makes me dont want rpm to be on /usr instead of /usr/local.
> And wen i talk about RPM, i talk about sendmail, bind, perl,
> whatever you compile and distribute.
> Everyway you can do whatever you like, but it's not the correct way
> to go.
> If linux is our "supposed" reference model, i think (may be i'm
> foolish) on fsstnd, but today everybody (starting at redhat [sorry])
> does what they want.

I think I don't understand exactly what your problem here is.

If you talking about Linux, you always have a base distro and
external packages which you install from an external source.

Personally, I would never install any package from an external source
into the / and /usr paths but always into /usr/local. Except if the
external package is intended to replace a distro package, perhaps.

Sure, packages as rpm, sendmail, bind, etc. are part of the base distro
of Linuxes but they aren't (currently!) part of the base distro
of Cygwin. If an external package becomes part of the base distro it
will have the appropriate install paths.


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