Not a full install
Thu Dec 14 08:46:00 GMT 2000

Ok, thanks. I'll see how far we get and will let you know. 

What about the problem with the ps command ? Any idea why i don't get to see the windows processes if i use 'ps -W' ?

Kind regards,  Ronald on 2000-12-14 17:17:02
Subject:	Re: Not a full install

At 09:49 AM 12/14/2000, wrote:
>Currently we're setting up a Tivoli environment to monitor a mixed environment of AIX (unix) and Windows NT servers. We're have created a shell script for this to be run on all the endpoints (servers).
>On the AIX servers it will be automatically processed as a Korn shell script. However on the NT machines we need something like bash.
>Since we don't need everything of bash, which would occupy over 100Mb, we only would like to install parts of the complete package. Is this possible ?
>Can it be done remotely by sending certain files over or do we really need to run some setup executable locally ?

Sure but you'd be breaking new ground so you'd need to be willing to hunt
and peck to figure out what a minimum installation is for you and make sure
everything works.  Since no one (that I know of) has tried this yet, you
wouldn't get much help.  Generally speaking, questions about "I installed
foo package and when I run it, it tells me it can't find bar - What's wrong?"
are answered on this list by suggesting that the poster install everything.
At this point, there are way too many variations, too many questions, and
far too few people who can help answer these questions for the response to
be otherwise at this point I'm afraid.  So, plunge ahead and report back
your findings.  The results may be useful and would be of interest to the

Good luck,

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