CVS permissions problem with network drive

Charles S. Wilson
Fri Dec 8 16:46:00 GMT 2000

Michael Bresnahan wrote:
> bash-2.04$ /usr/bin/cvs.exe co OrderStatus
> cvs.exe [checkout aborted]: /g/xapp/users/uscpw084/cvsroot/CVSROOT:
> Permission denied
> I'm fairly sure I have the security setup correctly, because the direct
> NT port of CVS does not have a problem accessing the repository.

Actually, this means very little.  There are differences in the way
cygwin and NT(native) deal with SMB shares.  Please show:

ls -ld /g/xapp/users/uscpw084/cvsroot
ls -ld /g/xapp/users/uscpw084/cvsroot/CVSROOT
ls -ld /g/xapp/users/uscpw084/cvsroot/CVSROOT/

> The repository is on a HPUX 11 box 

Oh, now hold on just a minute. So this isn't windows peer-to-peer file
sharing.  Now, you've thrown SAMBA into the mix, which is ALSO different
from NT(native) SMB, w.r.t. file permissions.

It looks to me as if your problem isn't CVS, but a misunderstanding as
to how permissions on samba shares are dealt with from cygwin clients. 
Please search the archives..."samba" "permissions"


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