MSVCRT and Cygwin runtime

Luke Ross
Tue Dec 5 07:51:00 GMT 2000


I'm quite new to cygwin so please forgive me if this is a bit of a silly
question.  I'm currently compiling a perl-enabled application, and I want
to link it against ActivePerl.

The program has calls to the usual Unix functions (eg
fork() select() etc), so I compiled it under cygwin without trouble, but
when I want to link in Perl it all fails as the cygwin linker can't get to
grips with perl56.lib.

Using suggestions on the web, I tried using link.exe from VCC, by linking
the .lib, libcygwin.a and the object files, but it complained that there
was no msvcrt routine, I think because Perl was linked using MSVCRT.  I
tried linking all of the above with the msvcrt library from VCC, which
produced an executable that dies on startup with a memory read error.

I've seen suggestion that MSVCRT and the cygwin runtime don't get on very
well - is there any way to build what I want to without doing a
cygwin-perl build (undesireable as it breaks everything else I have with
embedded perl).


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