setup v1.39 -- improvements

Adrian Phillips
Sun Apr 30 00:41:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Faylor <> writes:

    Chris> I've put another, experimental version of setup.exe in
    Chris> cygwin/latest.  This verision of setup records, in the
    Chris> registry, the versions of the packages that it installs.
    Chris> It uses this facility to avoid downloading or installing
    Chris> tar.gz files which seem older than what is currently on the
    Chris> system.


For your information :-

OS: Windows 2000 server (English)
Cygwin: setup-1.39

- Using a full local mirror of latest directory updated Apr. 30. 2000
  7.27 GMT (mirror is situated on a Samba server running under Linux)

- running setup-1.39 on top of an existing 1.1 cygwin installation
  (all runs with current directory as latest) :


    This is the Cygwin setup utility (v1.39),
    built on Apr 30 2000 00:16:55.

    Use this program to install the latest version of the Cygwin Utilities
    from the Internet.

    Alternatively, if you already have already downloaded the appropriate files
    to the current directory (and subdirectories below it), this program can use
    those as the basis for your installation.

    If you are installing from the Internet, please run this program in an empty
    temporary directory.

    Press <enter> to accept the default value.
    Root directory? [d:\cygwin]
    Install from the current directory (d) or from the Internet (i)? [i] d
    Creating the uninstall file...Done.

    Installation took 10 seconds.

No files are updated - is this expected when the files are already installed ?

- Deleting everything under d:\cywgin apart from usr\local then
  rerunning setup-1.39; similar results to above, install taking only
  approx. 10 seconds and no files are installed apart from cygwin.bat
  and the directory structure.

- Renaming cygwin to cygwin.old and rerunning setup-1.39 again gives
  similar result, noneof the tar.gz's are installed.

- Running setup.exe (v 1.34 built on Apr 27 2000 14:25) installs
  everything correctly (using d:\cygwin and current directory install)

Let me know if I maybe of assistance to help fix this,


Adrian Phillips

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