setup v1.39 -- improvements

Chris Faylor
Sat Apr 29 21:18:00 GMT 2000

I've put another, experimental version of setup.exe in cygwin/latest.

This verision of setup records, in the registry, the versions of the
packages that it installs.  It uses this facility to avoid downloading
or installing tar.gz files which seem older than what is currently on
the system.

Because this facility was not in previous versions of setup.exe, the
program will attempt to load default version information into the
registry when it detects that none currently exists.  It will use this
information to determine what to download from the web site and/or
install from the current directory.  This isn't foolproof but it
should not miss anything too important.

Other changes include a fix for the "c:\\bin" that shows up in the
setting for the PATH environment variable in cygwin.bat and a change so
that tar files that have been munged by browsers to eliminate a "."
before the .tar.gz (e.g., grep.tar.gz becomes grep_tar.gz) will be
handled correctly.

The reason for the update facility is that I'm getting ready to release
a new version (1.1.1) of the Cygwin DLL next week.  Once it is
available, updating it should be as simple as typing:

	setup -u cygwin

For now, I've kept the "old" setup.exe v1.34 around as "setup.exe".  The
new version is available as setup-1.39.exe.

I'd appreciate it if people would give the new version of setup a try.

Btw, to see what's changed in the cygwin DLL, you can peruse the
ChangeLog entries at .
Everything since 2000/03/01 is new.


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