Tips oin getting Cygwin 1.1.0 onn your computer without using setup to contact the FTP

Robert McNulty Junior
Sat Apr 29 03:06:00 GMT 2000

was not the mount.
Did a fresh setup, with the patch i was trying to use,
then took the patch to the cynus\usr and dearchived from there.
Silly me. I should have tried it that way, instead of putting the patch with
Well, its in there.
Compiling old cygwin B-20 gave me errors with TCL/TK.
Why the old code, I dunno. I was bored and wanted something to to.
I think the old TCL/TK is not supported on the TCL/TK IE new version.
Also, csound is compiling. Had to rework the code.
Perhaps Mumit can help me here. What libraries do i use with WINGDI?
The program did call for MFC, but WINDGDI is similar to OpenGL. Do I use

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