How is textmode/binmode determined in Cygwin 1.1.0 net releas e for pipes?

Bernard Dautrevaux
Fri Apr 28 10:12:00 GMT 2000

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> As I think I mentioned in my original note, I'm using rsync, 
> so the server
> side is just being spawned out of a named pipe server that 
> happens to be run
> from a console window for testing purposes.  It's thinking 
> it's running in
> rsh mode so the server just uses stdin/stdout for the 
> traffic.  That's the
> rub.
> So, without asking for too much specific help (treading 
> cautiously here :-))
> - is it possible that line 157 in should be changed from:
>   int bin = __fmode;
> to
>   int bin = (__fmode ? __fmode : O_BINARY)
> in order to make the default for stdin/stdout binary even if 
> CYGWIN isn't
> set?  That seems to mirror the way that checks things 
> when it's
> making the pipes.
> I haven't yet run a full build of the DLL locally, so I'll 
> have to schedule
> some time tomorrow to do that to test the change locally?  
> But adding a
> setmode(O_BINARY) on both stdin and stdout in the rsync code 
> did resolve the
> problem without having to add the CYGWIN environment variable.

I ran in the same kind of problem some time ago (but was only reading my
mail now so was not able to provide any advice before :-|) and I solve it by
setting by default stdin as O_TEXT, and stdout as O_BINARY; only when I
*know* that I'm reading binary data from the standard input have I to set
manually stdin as O_BINARY.

The rationale is that I usually read and write text through a file, but
would rather write even text in O_BINARY mode so that others don't get
bothered by the CR/LF sequences but get simple LF line endings; however if
such a brain-damaged program pours on me CR/LFs, they are just automagically
converted for me :-)

OTOH if I'm reading binary data, I'm used to specify explicitely O_BINARY to
read files, so setting it also for pipes doesn't hurt a lot; OK I should
agree that this argument may be returned to me for the opposite setting! but
the experience shows that pipes are a lot more often conveying text, so
having O_TEXT as a default for reading on stdin seems correct more often
than being wrong.

Of course if we can persuade Micro$oft to abandon CR/LF line endings that
would be the perfect solution, but realism asks for trying to live with them
:-) so I would propose, in the absence of an explicit setting, that stdin be
read as TEXT and stdout written as BINARY. Maybe this could even be an
option in CYGWIN: "text" meaning everyting is done in TEXT mode, "binary"
everything in BINARY mode and "sane", or insane if you prefer ;-), used for
reading as TEXT and writing as BINARY.

Just my 2 cents,


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